AHRC’s Heritage Strategic Priority Area: Future Directions

Friday 6 April 2018

Last year, the AHRC identified Heritage as one of its three Priority Areas, alongside Modern Languages and Design. With the aim to now take on an even broader view of heritage through drawing on cross-disciplinary developments, Heritage Research has worked with the AHRC to update its Heritage Priority Area Strategy which is now available online.  The revised strategy explicitly promotes collaborative fields of enquiry and stronger global interconnections, and focuses on new key research areas for further development and opportunities.

These include:

  • Values and Cultural Heritage
  • Community and Public Engagement, Inclusion and Diverse Heritages
  • Sustainable Management of Heritage
  • Future Heritages, New Uses/Re-Use of Heritages and Exploiting the Potential of Digital and other Technologies
  • Intangible, Emerging, Hidden and Contested Heritages
  • Changing Heritage Economies
  • Heritage, Contested Pasts and Conflict
  • Global Heritages, International Development and Global Challenges


The strategy should be seen as a fluid and evolving document which acknowledges the dynamic nature of the heritage ecosystem.

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