Global Challenges, Sustainability and the Politics of Heritage

22 July — 22 July 2020
10:00 — 13:30
Webex Cisco

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We are pleased to host a half day event on heritage and sustainability as part of our Follow-on-Funding dedicated to Opening New Pathways to Impact across Heritage Research, Policy and Practice.

Despite the unparalleled global disruptions and grief, we hope to persevere with our aim to foster dialogues between policy makers, heritage professionals and heritage research communities to increase awareness of the role the Arts and Humanities can play in policy and decision-making.

As you know, the social and political changes needed for sustainability are complex and entangled alongside a new salience in research and its potential role towards decision-making. While certainly there is a push to improve our understanding of how to approach, understand and manage the Anthropocene, core challenges for the arts and humanities continue through discussion, debate and governance.  This half-day Conference hopes to contribute to the impressive energy and commitment of individuals, institutions and governments that continues despite current awkward social arrangements, by exploring the relationships between global challenges, specific and far-reaching understandings of sustainability, and their relationships with heritage.

The areas we are focusing specifically on are:

  • What are the opportunities and challenges of the sustainability concept and how can heritage research contribute towards understanding it further?
  • How can heritage research help inform evidence-based policies related to sustainable development challenges, such as issues of social justice, instability, and legacies between nations and peoples?
  • Can heritage research help ensure successful implementation towards achieving sustainable development (e.g. through ensuring programmes understand and work within local contexts)?
  • How can heritage research support effective frameworks of government, or support the political will to transform research and innovation into sustainable long-term practices?


The Programme for the day can be found here.


Confirmed speakers include:

Adala Leeson, Head of Social and Economic Analysis and Evaluation, Historic England

Alex Sotheran, Defence Infrastructure Organisation/Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust

Alison Heritage, Project Manager, ICCROM

Beth Perry, Professorial Research Fellow, University of Sheffield

Gameli Kodzo Tordzro, Research Associate, University of Glasgow

Gillian Joanne Foster, Researcher, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Hana Morel, Research Associate, UCL 

Harman Saggar, Head Economists for Arts, Heritage and Tourism, DCMS

Jack Philips, Economic Advisor, DCMS

Kalliopi Fouseki, Programme Director/Senior Lecturer for Sustainable Heritage, UCL

Kelsea ‘Delatango’ Sellars, Policy Researcher, Partnership for Young London

Krystyna Swiderska, Principal Researcher, iied

Michael Stubbs, Land Use and Planning Advisor, National Trust

Sara Turnbull, Founder/Director, WorkWild


More details about speakers and the programme will be posted here by July.


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This event is led and organised by Hana Morel.

Sarah Forgesson (Climate Crisis PhD candidate, UCL) will be assisting on the day.

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