“From the Ruins of Preservation” A symposium on rethinking heritage through counter-archives

11 July — 12 July 2019 German Historical Institute London

The AHRC Heritage Priority Area and the German Historical Institute London are organising a two-day event “From the Ruins of Preservation, A symposium on rethinking heritage through counter-arvhives” to be held at GHIL on 11-12th July 2019.

Keynote Speakers

Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann, Assistant Professor of African Studies, Hampshire College

Trinidad Rico, Director of Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies, Rutgers University

Karen Salt, Director of the Centre for Research in Race and Rights (C3R), University of Nottingham

Presentation Speakers

Nancy A. Rushohora, Our Ancestors their Heroes: Contestation and Appropriation of the Majimaji War Heritage in Tanzania

Patricia Sellick & Elly Harrowell, Contested Preservation in Susya (Palestine): Power, Asymmetry and Possibility

Mehiyar Kathem in collaboration with Nasser A. Jassem & Caroline Sandes, The Role of state-access Infrastructures in Conceptualising Heritage post-2003 Iraq. An Examination of Mosul University Library Archives

Wendy Shaw, From Preservation to Sustenance: Reengaging the Socratic Present Tense

Rishika Mukhopadhyay, Heritage through making Practices: Engaging with the Living Craft Tradition of Chitpur Road, Kolkata

Jonathan Gardner, A Forgotten Archive of the Spectacular: London Mega Events and their Rubble

Jonas Van Mulder, The Missionary Gaze Reversed. Deconstructing the Matadi-Leopoldville Railway (1891-1899)

Heba Abd el Gawad, “We are the children of Tut-Ankh-Amon!”: Public Discourse as Counter-archive of Heritage Practices in Egypt

Colin Sterling, Ruins of the World: Rethinking Heritage and Photography

Kate Hill, ‘Realer than History’: Bodies, Emotions and Living with Objects at the Highland Folk Museum, c. 1935-1950

Mustafa Kemal Baran, Labour and Local Communities in the History of Archaeology in Turkey: Archival Politics, Hybrid Methodologies, and Public Engagement

Rachel King, Marginal time: Scientific Cultures and Knowledge Production at the Edges of southern African History


You can find the abstracts and biographies of each presenter in the event programme here.


Participation will take place on a first come, first serve basis.

Please note that this event is free, but to avoid disappointment please register in advance by emailing your name and affiliation to Carole Sterckx: (Sterckx(ghi)ghil.ac.uk)

If you have any questions about attending please do get in touch at: fromtheruinsofpreservation(at)gmail.com





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