Engaging w/ Independent Research Organisations: Exploring Research, Policy and Practice Interfaces

Friday 31 January 2020 Dana Library & Research Centre

The current UK research capacity and funding programme frameworks encourage cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary research to drive innovation and maximise the impact of investments, realised by creating strong partnerships across sectors, flexible environments and joint successes. Across UK Higher Education, Research Institutes, Independent Research Organisations and other organisations is the potential to tap into new resources, ideas, knowledge, expertise, skills and research. Working in collaboration requires time to build trust, but also to explore the potential interfaces of impact and success.

This Conference explores the opportunities and challenges of working across institutions and the interfaces of research, policy and practice. The areas we are focusing specifically on are:

  • The practical aspects of collaborative/partnership research
  • Opportunities and barriers of working across HEIs, IROs and other bodies in partnership
  • Challenges of bringing different forms of expertise into a single research project
  • The interfaces of impact and legacy, recognising different sectors/organisations may have different understandings of impact and legacy

We are pleased to welcome Jeremy D Hill as our keynote speaker, who will present a talk titled ‘The IROs and the HE Sector” to open the event.

Confirmed guest chairs/speakers include:

Rebecca Bailey, Head of Exhibitions and Outreach

Andrew Bevan, Professor of Spatial and Comparative Archaeology, UCL

Tim Boon, Head of Research and Public Engagement, Science Museums Group

John Cattell, Lead for National Research Programmes, Historic England

James Daybell, Associate Head of School Research, University of Plymouth

Edward Harcourt, Director of Research, Strategy and Innovation, AHRC

Rodney Harrison, Professor of Heritage Studies, UCL/AHRC Heritage

Clive Hayter, Head of the Office of the Science Directorate, Research, Education and Comms, Kew Gardens

Jeremy D Hill, Research Manager, British Museum

Adam Jackson, Head of Strategy and Policy, Historic Environment Scotland

Sara Perry, Director of Research and Engagement, MOLA

Emily Pringle, Head of Research, Tate

Theano Moussouri, Senior Lecturer of Museum Studies, UCL

Allan Sudlow, Head of Research Development, British Library

Pip Willcox, Head of Research, National Archives


The programme can be found here.

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